Wish Tree helps people and organisations to connect with what truly matters to them through coaching, workshops and creative consultancy.

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Emily Johnsson | Wish Tree

Hi, I’m Emily, welcome.

Wish Tree provides a nurturing and creative holding space for you to feel seen and explore dreams, emotions and challenges, so that you can make decisions for your life or your organisation, aligned with what matters to you the most. I do this work through coaching, workshops and creative consultancy.

More About Emily
  • Coaching

    Whether at work or in life in general, coaching helps you to get clear on what you want or need, remove what is holding you back and get you into action. It helps us have better relationships with ourselves, others and life.

    I work with individuals, leaders and project managers who want to:

    • Tune into and strengthen their inner compass, in particular when in transition
    • Lead and live in alignment with their values – what truly matters to them
    • Be crystal clear on their vision, goals and action plans – for life and work
    • Develop helpful perspectives when life, relationships or work challenges
    • Heal or let go of unresolved issues that hold them back
    • Develop or strengthen positive relationships – personal or professional
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  • Workshops

    Workshops provide a clearing in our daily lives to stop, reflect, feel, think and be playful and creative.

    I deliver personal development workshops on topics such as fulfilment and happiness, how to find work I love, and living life with more balance.

    I deliver in-house workshops for organisations as part of purpose- vision- mission- and brand development, and how to make sure we make a difference.

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  • Creative Consultancy

    Creative consultancy is about engaging in creative processes with you as an individual or team. It is also about delivering creative outputs.

    When I have my creative consultant hat on, I am your:

    • Creative sparring partner for the imaginative phases of developing a new brand platform, vision- and mission statements, awareness campaign or audience engagement project.
    • Critical friend as you develop your funding proposal, strategic plan, evaluation framework or undertake workshop analysis.
    • Mentor for project managers and leaders on project planning, evaluation, staff management or working internationally.
    • Workshop facilitator as part of vision, mission and brand development.
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About Wish Trees

About Wish Trees

Wish Trees are found in many different cultures around the world. They are places where people reconnect with their inner truths- what truly matters to them. The process of taking the time to articulate something that may previously only have lived hidden inside, may for some be the first step in trying to move towards it.

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