About Emily

I am passionately curious and curiously passionate – about people, life and this beautiful planet Earth that is our home.

Living from a place of love and curiosity strengthens my courage and brings me never – ending adventure, insight and sense of purpose.

I was raised a peace-activist by my late mother, Kristina, and will always remain one.

All of my work is about contributing to a more peaceful and loving world.

Peace is a state of being that starts from inside. If more people felt peaceful in their hearts and minds we wouldn’t have quite so much unrest in our personal and professional lives, or in our world.

The notion that peace starts with each one of us, is why I deliver transformational coaching and workshops for healing & growth.

I also believe in projects that work to enable more peaceful, successful and sustainable organisations and communities around the globe.

Wish Tree’s Academy, which helps you as a coach, leader or organisation to design and deliver programmes that will enable you to reach and impact on more people, live your purpose and grow your network, was founded with this intention.


Throughout my life, I have campaigned and worked hard for values such as Equality, Diversity, Creativity and Nature. For 15 years, I have been a consultant in the arts, culture and third sectors, with particular focus on social inclusion and children’s rights to culture, play and education.

I have lived and worked in different places around the world, and known and worked with people from all social backgrounds and many different cultures.  My own cultural heritage is Swedish, British and South African.

I now live in Manchester, UK, with my husband Rick, and when I am not working, I refuel my energy through nature walks, cooking, art, swimming and yoga.

I am grounded in a love of learning and have studied for as long as I can remember. I even trained as an academic researcher. I hold a fascination for how people learn best and how ideas from different disciplines link together. I love to synthesize ideas – then offer them up for discussion. You will encounter this if you participate in one of my workshops, apply for the Academy or visit my blog.

One of my favourite things is to ask big questions. But two of my greatest aptitudes are that I am intuitive and creative.

On my life-path, I have experienced a range of challenges, losses and stark emotions. What I know for sure is that every obstacle in life can help us learn about ourselves and accelerate our development as human beings – shift perspectives, heighten awareness, deepen our compassion for one another. A great deal of wisdom can be discovered in the dark.

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I believe that all of my experiences – personal and professional challenges, adventures, highs and lows- help me to be a better coach and a better change facilitator: I see the inner light in every person and organisation I encounter.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.