Are you allowing yourself to be seen?

An integral part of Facilitating Transformational Workshops is of course about seeing the people we serve. Seeing their needs, their fears, their wishes, their pains and their dreams. Seeing the beauty that lies within them.

But Facilitating Transformational Workshops is also about allowing ourselves to be seen.

Now throughout our lives, we may have been taught to fit in, play ourselves down, or made choices based on what other people think or what we think we ought to do or should be talking about. And even though we may have done years of self-development work on ourselves, there may still be aspects of fear inside us when it comes to showing up, fully, for a group of people.
It is common for people to feel that they are “acting” the workshop facilitator, rather than being the workshop facilitator.

The decision to become an Authentic Leader and deliver transformational learning experiences is a journey of becoming real -really real- and that means letting go of fear. As Authentic Leaders, we no longer allow ourselves to be defined by the fear of other people’s opinions, or what we think others might want from us.

It is not about no longer caring what people think – that is when we loose our capacity for connection – but when we allow ourselves to be defined and restricted by other people’s opinions, that is when we loose our capacity for vulnerability. And vulnerability is central to Authentic Leadership.
Because vulnerability is the birthplace of connection. This is what shame and vulnerability researcher Dr Brene’ Brown has taught the world over the past decade.

Courage is a heart word”, says Dr Brown. Courage is from the French word cour, heart. The original meaning of Courage is to tell our story with our whole heart. Standing in our truth of who we are and what we are here to do. Showing up real. With our message to the world. This is when we are our most vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Powerful because we are courageous.

And this also the very moment when trust and relationship is nurtured between ourselves and our clients.

If we want our clients to be courageous with their lives, we have to be too.
So it goes without saying that if we are playing small, hiding our light or behind someone else’s words we will not be the Authentic Leader our clients need us to be.

This means that before we even begin our journey of crafting our Transformational Workshops, we have to ask ourselves:  To what extent am I walking the talk? What do I need to let go of to be able to bring all of me to this learning space? What lights me up about being here, with these people? What am I afraid of? What am I hiding? What does courage look like in my life?  What does my heart know?

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I can’t wait to connect with you.

Wishing you a Wonderful and Courageous Week ahead

With Love

Emily is a life-coach, creative consultant and workshop leader with experience of living and working across different countries and cultures. She helps people and organisations to develop helpful ways of being and relating by connecting them with what truly matters to them, asking powerful questions and challenging the status quo.

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