Why Making Space for Creativity Matters

Creativity is an essential part of running a successful, purpose-driven business.

But in order to be creative we have to cultivate it, and make sure we have spaces in which to spend time being creative. This week my big question is: what roles does creativity play in your life? 

Are you allowing yourself to be Supported?

You are not meant to figure it out all by yourself.
You are meant to be supported. Yes. Supported. Connected.
Part of, not separate. When we feel supported we are able to relax.
When we relax, we allow ourselves to open up, to soften, and a clearing is created from which we can be creative and take focused action.
When we are supported, life flows with more ease, including our businesses. Allowing ourselves to be supported is key to a thriving business.

Let Peace begin with you

Peace begins with each and every one of us.
It’s really so simple (in theory!): Peace inside = Peace on Earth.
When we actively decide to release everything that no longer serves us on our path, we engage in one of the greatest forms of Peace Activism. 

Peace means freedom, and freedom in turn means we are able to focus our energy on what truly matters to us.

So today, I am inviting you to take a moment, just like I will, to connect with your heart. Connect with your heart and reflect or meditate on: 

What or who in my life do I need to let go of, once and for all, so that Peace can truly begin with me?


Are you clear on your Life Purpose?

Getting clear on Life Purpose is one of the smartest investments in yourself and your business that you can make. Not having a clear idea of your life purpose affects everything. Everything from your online profile to the content of your workshops, everything from your marketing and who your Ideal Client is. Once you have your Life Purpose Statement, everything else falls into place.



Are you allowing yourself to be seen?

An integral part of Facilitating Transformational Workshops is of course about seeing the people we serve.  But Facilitating Transformational Workshops is also about allowing ourselves to be seen.The decision to become an Authentic Leader and deliver transformational learning experiences is a journey of becoming real -really real- and that means letting go of fear.

Are you telling your Story of Transformation?

Stories are an essential part of what makes us human, and are therefore an essential part of transformational learning experiences. We must choose the stories we tell with care and purpose when facilitating transformational workshops. Our stories need to be moment-based and centered around a pivotal moment in our life, when something shifted in our awareness. Have you found your moment-based story of transformation yet? Has your workshop got a coherent carefully curated narrative? Both are vital to your Authentic Leadership as a Coach or Wellbeing Facilitator.

Why every Coaching Business needs a Signature Workshop

People believe workshops to be many different things and that means their quality can vary dramatically. In this article I share why I believe that not every Coaching Business needs a workshop, but why every Coaching Business needs a Signature Transformational Workshop to shine and to grow strategically and sustainably. The difference? Read more to find out!

Welcome to the Brand New Wish Tree!

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy bees behind the scenes. Streamlining our services further, broadening our use of technology and embracing teamwork means we are now very proud to be offering you something new and truly special.

What makes a Brilliant Relationship?

Brilliant relationships are rare. But if we are willing to take a risk by showing up authentically and being our true vulnerable selves, we have everything to gain. Healthy, stable relationships are at the core of our well-being. So much so that The Mental Health Foundation has made Relationships the focus for this year’s campaign. But what makes a truly brilliant relationship? And what will you do to nurture healthy relationships in your life? 

#resilience: Connection

Resilient people know, on a deep level, that we are not meant to do “it” – life – all by ourselves. Science now tells us that connection is the number one thing that will determine our overall well-being, health and longevity. But what does connection actually mean? And how can we have more of it in our lives?