Why Self-Development is Good for Business

Self-development is about curiosity. Curiosity about who we are as people and our place in the world. Curiosity about how we relate to ourselves, life and other people. Self-development is now offered everywhere we look. But why, from a business perspective is it useful? This article shows how self-development will benefit your career, help you grow your company or ensure your employees are both loyal and productive.

The Real Deal- the secrets of success of Leading Edge Organisations

People like myself who work with organisations to release their potential are noticing a shift in the way that companies and public sector organisations are run. Our fast changing world is rapidly demanding new kinds of behaviours, structures and ways of showing up and communicating, and I say it’s all for the better! It is…

About Fulfilment

About fulfilment

Life is short and how we experience every day matters. Fulfilment is about feeling fully alive. It is about making choices based on what truly matters to us, rather than what society or those around us believe is how things should be. Living a fulfilling life takes courage and commitment.

About Co-Active Coaching

About Co-Active Coaching

Co-Active coaching is a way of communicating and being in a relationship that is devoid of rank, status, authority, or superior-inferior communication style. Instead it is based on a deep human connection and truth, something many of us feel has been lost in the hectic and competitive world that we have created for ourselves.

About Wish Trees

About Wish Trees

Wish Trees are special spaces where we are invited to step outside of our busy lives to connect with what truly matters to us, articulate it and offer it to the world. As we see the wishes of other people floating in the breeze of the crown of tree, we are reminded of our common humanity. 

The purpose of all of Wish Tree’s work is to support Peace. Peace starts with ourselves. If we are not peaceful inside our hearts we don’t lead peaceful lives. That is why Wish Tree offers transformational coaching and workshops for individuals and organisations.