• Coaching

    Life is short and how we experience every day matters. As an Intuitive Transformational Coach I help people to realise that they are worthy of a deeply fulfilling life.

    I believe that we can only successfully set and achieve goals when we believe that great and even extraordinary things are possible for us.

    Is coaching for you? Coaching is for everybody.

    Whether at work or in life in general, coaching helps you to remove what is holding you back from living your very best life and get you moving towards manifesting it.

    I specialise in coaching for the limiting beliefs I have battled with myself.

    Do you sometimes or most of the time…

    • Feel like you are not enough?
    • Adapt to the needs and wants of others or tend to put others first?
    • Feel overwhelmed at work or at home?
    • Find that you give more than your receive?
    • Say yes when you mean no?
    • Struggle to know for sure what it is you really want from life?

    The style of coaching I offer is warm, creative and intuitive and in our coaching space you are accepted exactly for who you are.

    If you are ready to finally start living a more authentic, connected and fulfilling life, then book your free initial consultation right away by clicking here 


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  • Workshops

    Workshops provide a clearing in our daily lives to stop, reflect, feel, think and be playful and creative.

    I deliver personal development workshops on finding work you love and cultivating resilience, connection and authenticity. 

    How to find work I love

    My latest signature programme includes a full day workshop, transformational coaching and weekly activities for supporting your transition. Full details on this programme can be found here.

    I deliver in-house workshops for organisations on authentic leadership, purpose and making a difference.

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  • Academy

    Are you longing to get your message out there and make a bigger difference whilst at the same time bring abundance into your life? Wish Tree’s Academy helps you as a Coach, Wellbeing Facilitator or Light Worker to step into your Authentic Leadership and create your Dream Business, so that you can impact on more people in a more connected way, live your purpose and enjoy a sustainable income! The Academy offers two transformational programmes: The Workshop Blueprint Programme where you will learn how to design and deliver your Signature Transformational Workshop with your Ideal clients, and the Academy Mastermind, which helps you take your Business to a completely different level. To learn more and get started today, book your free Possibilities session here 

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