The most important freedom is to be who you are


Many people think of coaching as a process of goal setting and goal getting. And while this might be the focus for many coaching practices, what I offer as an Intuitive Transformational Coach is something a bit different.

Life is short and how we experience every day matters.

I believe that we can only successfully set and achieve goals and live our best life when we are coming from an empowered place inside of ourselves; a place where we feel comfortable with who we are and can think clearly. A place from which we believe that great and even extraordinary things are possible for us.

If we are feeling unworthy of wonderful things we dare not wish for them, let alone go out into the world and manifest them. We simply don’t believe that those things are for people like us.

If our past is holding us back we can’t successfully move forward with our lives and experience the present fully.

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“Emily has encouraged and has given me the confidence to be ME”

Wish Tree Coaching is about worthiness (2)

Your story matters because you matter.

As an Intuitive Transformational Coach, I help people realise that they are worthy of a deeply fulfilling life. I specialise in helping my clients heal and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that I have battled with myself, such as:

  • Feeling like you are not enough
  • Adapting to the needs and wants of others or putting others first
  • Feeling overwhelmed at work or at home
  • Finding that you give more than your receive
  • Saying yes when you mean no
  • Struggling to know for sure what it is you really want from life

Issues and behaviours such as these prevent us from living life in alignment with what truly matters to us – what makes our heart sing.

That means that if you are experiencing any of the above you might also feel that any of the following is a challenge:

  • Finding work you love
  • Developing close relationships where you feel seen and loved for who you are
  • Feeling resilient when the going gets tough
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Saying what you mean
  • Letting go of the past

If you can relate to any of these issues and you feel that you would like to begin a journey towards a life with more fulfilment, resilience and peace, then book yourself in for a free consultation today.

“I learned more in that conversation in one hour than any therapy that I’ve had for over 20 years. For the first time in my 62 years I started to understand myself and to finally “get” what I was here for… and to do.”



Working together I will help you to:

  • Develop your sense of worthiness & begin to accept and love yourself
  • Work on your belief about deserving a wonderful life experience!
  • Tune into and strengthen your inner compass, in particular when in transition
  • Live in alignment with your values – what truly matters to you
  • Develop helpful perspectives when life, relationships or work challenges
  • Heal or let go of unresolved issues that hold you back
  • Develop or strengthen positive relationships – personal or professional

The ripples of self love are tremendous and far-reaching. When we know we are enough we can manifest what truly matters – be it in our relationships or in our work- our whole lives get to have an extreme make-over!


The style of coaching that I offer is warm, creative, intuitive and is both therapeutic and empowering in nature.

All my coaching sessions take place over the phone or Skype.

During the taster session, we will both decide whether we are right for each other. We will then agree on a way of working that fits our preferences.

My sessions are grounded in unconditional love, which means that you can be yourself, feel safe and allow yourself to be seen without judgement and with complete acceptance for who you are. I believe that it is in a place like this that we human beings can learn, grow and develop the best.

Our coaching relationship is one of equality: we both lean in, show up and communicate honestly and courageously. Confidentiality is naturally the foundation for our work together.

You will receive a welcome pack, an ethical contract and short questionnaire upon booking a coaching package.


Many of my clients decide to participate in one of my transformational personal development workshops either before and /or during a coaching programme. Wish Tree’s workshops provide a different type of connected and hands-on learning environment, complimentary to coaching.


Emily Johnsson | Wish TreeI am trained in the Co-Active Coaching model with the rigorous Coaches Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching for Leadership from the Institute of Education, University of London and am a licensed NLP Practitioner. I have 10+ years experience of developing people and organisations through asking powerful questions, motivating people to challenge the status quo and move towards new ways of being and relating. My background is in learning research and I hold a Master’s degree in Education and Social Sciences Research from King’s College London, and a BSc in Science Communication from UCL. I receive regular coaching and mentoring myself by other coaches.

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