Wish Tree helps people to live their purpose & shine their light, through transformational coaching, workshops and learning programmes.

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Emily Johnsson | Wish Tree

Hi, I’m Emily, welcome.

Wish Tree provides a safe, nurturing and creative space for you to feel seen, lean into your sharp edges & explore your greatest vision. All so you can live your purpose, shine that beautiful bright light of yours and be the change you wish to see in the world. I do this work through Wish Tree’s transformational Coaching, Workshops and Academy. 

For many years I was an Activist in the Arts & Education field and successful workshop facilitator, consultant and coach, focusing on helping organisations and individuals to live their purpose and make a greater impact. 

Between 2011-2016 I was blessed with the experience of a series of profound personal losses which triggered a powerful journey of healing and awakening. I studied a range of spiritual teachers and started practising Kundalini Yoga. My intuition opened up and I was guided to create an online platform to connect with people worldwide, helping people to love themselves enough to embrace their life purpose and bring more Light to the world. In July 2016 I launched the Wish Tree Academy for Coaches, Lightworkers, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators.



More About Emily
  • Coaching

    I coach people who are committed to knowing, embracing and living their purpose. People who know, deep inside, that now is their time to shine brighter and make a bigger difference in the world, but are feeling stuck, confused or unsure about how and what to do to move forward. People who want to heal the debris that is holding them back. More often than not they are Coaches, Wellbeing facilitators, Healers, Lightworkers, Therapists, Activists, Artists, Teachers.


    Living our purpose is not for the faint-hearted, as it requires us to dig deep and get curious about the mess that gets in the way, such as old beliefs of not being enough.

    We can’t give what we don’t have, so if we want to give the love, we have to be the love! That means learning to love ourselves more and belonging to ourselves first and foremost.

    My Intuitive coaching helps you to heal the illusion that you are not enough as you are, and help you to tune in and have clarity on what, exactly, you are here to be and do in this lifetime. 

    And then I’ll help you go do it, as part of the Wish Tree Academy!


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  • Workshops

    Workshops provide a clearing in our daily lives to stop, reflect, feel, think and be playful and creative.

    I deliver personal development workshops on embracing our purpose, authentic leadership and how to develop resilience as a heart-led entrepreneur.


    ” How to be a successful Heart-led Business Owner – 4 key principles to make a bigger impact and live your purpose with grace and ease” 

    Bookable for Events and Organisations. 


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  • Academy

    Are you longing to shine brighter, live your purpose and make a bigger difference whilst at the same time bring abundance into your life? Wish Tree’s Academy helps you as a Coach, Wellbeing Facilitator or Light Worker to step into your Authentic Leadership and create your Dream Business sustainably, so that you can impact on more people in a more connected way, have a bigger impact and get paid doing work you adore. The Academy offers two transformational programmes: The Workshop Blueprint Programme where you will learn how to design and deliver your Signature Transformational Workshop with your Ideal clients, and the Academy Mastermind, which helps you take your Business to a completely different level. To learn more and get started today, book your free Possibilities session here 


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About Wish Trees

About Wish Trees

Wish Trees are special spaces where we are invited to step outside of our busy lives to connect with what truly matters to us, articulate it and offer it to the world. As we see the wishes of other people floating in the breeze of the crown of tree, we are reminded of our common humanity. 

The purpose of all of Wish Tree’s work is to support Peace. Peace starts with ourselves. If we are not peaceful inside our hearts we don’t lead peaceful lives. That is why Wish Tree offers transformational coaching and workshops for individuals and organisations.

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