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    About Emily

    Wish Tree provides a safe, nurturing and creative space for you to feel seen, lean into your sharp edges & explore your greatest vision. All so you can live your purpose, shine that beautiful bright light of yours and be the change you wish to see in the world. I do this work through Wish Tree’s transformational Coaching, Workshops and Academy. 

    For many years I was an Activist in the Arts & Education field and successful workshop facilitator, consultant and coach, focusing on helping organisations and individuals to live their purpose and make a greater impact. 

    Between 2011-2016 I was blessed with the experience of a series of profound personal losses which triggered a powerful journey of healing and awakening. I studied a range of spiritual teachers and started practising Kundalini Yoga. My intuition opened up and I was guided to create an online platform to connect with people worldwide, helping people to love themselves enough to embrace their life purpose and bring more Light to the world. In July 2016 I launched the Wish Tree Academy for Coaches, Lightworkers, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators.



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  • Working Together

    Working together

    Whether we meet in a workshop, journey together through one of the Academy Programmes or series of coaching sessions, my aim is for you to feel seen. Feeling seen is the foundation for outcomes such as Self-awareness Growth Empowerment Authenticity Autonomy Presence Focus Freedom Radiance Joy Peace We will develop a way of working that fits…

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  • Creative visualisation techniques


    I use a range of tools across all of Wish Tree’s work. Here you can learn about Creative Visualisation, Guided Journeys, Journalling, Mindfulness and Emotions, Movement and NLP. Creative Visualisation To be able to fully visualize what it is that we want, we sometimes need to “download” it from our hearts and minds and actually…

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