For the love of you

Hello dearest You,


Today I want you to know just how loved you are and that every issue in your life can be answered, solved, dissolved with LOVE.

I have known this in my heart for a while now, but being here at Motivating the Masses HQ with Lisa Nichols has reminded me JUST how true this is for EVERYTHING.

Love is truly the answer!

As you are already gathering, I am having one great big transformational experience with Lisa Nichols and her team this week.

The days are intense!

On Sunday, we started the evening with a get-together at Lisa’s beautiful new home in Carlsbad before getting massively dropped in the deep end on Monday:

The day began with a “Power-Jam”, where Lisa and her team connect live with hundres of thousands of people globally via multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

I was blessed to be in the studio to witness first hand how when we show up authentic and real and let our community know that we see them and genuinely love them, then the effects are electrifying!

THEN we create a movement of action takers and change agents. Wow!!

Yesterday afternoon, we had to prepare a 3 min story to present in front of Lisa, her team and our Mastermind group of 15 successful and badass speakers.

To say I was scared would not do the size of my fear any justice.

ALL my old gremlins of not being enough came flying through the roof and for a brief moment I even thought of running away.

Yes. I have got to be honest with you because that is the way us Authentic Leaders roll.

I had a moment of freak-out. Melt down.

Lisa said: “If you are going to blank out, then THIS is the space to do it”

And then, it was my turn all of a sudden, she called out my name. I breathed and stayed present.

“This is it”, I thought. “THIS is EXACTLY what I signed up toTo conquer this last nugget of fear.”

I got up in front of the room, and I delved into my story. Knees knocking, as Lisa herself would say.

The results were transformational for me.

I did it!!

Was it perfect? – NO. Did it go better than I thought- YES.

Lisa even said: ” You had them all captivated – You’re GOOOOOD, baby!”

Was it ok that I didn’t do a perfect job – YES.

It was in that moment that I realised that by leaping, and leaping afraid – I had said to myself: “I love you enough to take the risk of failing, I love you enough to take the risk of falling.”

Leaping afraid, I now understand, is an act of self love.

YES – Act of Self love.

Act of self-love, and yet, by finding the courage in me to conquer my fear, means I will shine brighter and serve you higher.

In the end it’s ALL about LOVE. Self-love and my Love for you, for humanity.

So today, in honour of Valentine’s Day, I want to know this: If you were to Leap afraid, what would you do?

What part of you is calling you to love it more so that you can leap afraid?

Head over to Time to Shine! to post your answers, which is also where you will find my latest updates, photos, Facebook lives and other juicy stuff!!

Wishing you a most delicious love-filled date with YOURSELF today,

Giant Hugs

Emily is a life-coach, creative consultant and workshop leader with experience of living and working across different countries and cultures. She helps people and organisations to develop helpful ways of being and relating by connecting them with what truly matters to them, asking powerful questions and challenging the status quo.

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