Let Peace begin with you

This is a short message of Love & Light from me to you for International Peace Day!

Peace begins with each and every one of us.
It’s really so simple (in theory). Peace inside = Peace on Earth.

When we actively decide to release everything that no longer serves us on our path, we engage in one of the greatest forms of Peace Activism.

As long as emotions such as fear, judgement (of ourselves and others), anger or jealousy are residing in our hearts and controlling our minds, Peace isn’t fully present.

And when Peace isn’t present, we can’t show up in life for ourselves and the people we serve in the way we are meant to, and in the way our hearts long to.

Peace means freedom, and freedom in turn means we are able to focus our energy on what truly matters to us.

So today, I am inviting you to take a moment, just like I will, to connect with your heart. Connect with your heart and reflect or meditate on:

What or who in my life do I need to forgive, release or let go of, so that Peace can truly begin with me?

As each aspect surfaces, take a good look at it and then say to yourself:  “I release you in Love & Light. I am Free. I am Peace”

Happy International Day of Peace
With Love

Emily is a life-coach, creative consultant and workshop leader with experience of living and working across different countries and cultures. She helps people and organisations to develop helpful ways of being and relating by connecting them with what truly matters to them, asking powerful questions and challenging the status quo.

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