Beyond Belief – what coaching is really about

Hello dear you! Over the past month, and even more rapidly over the past few days, I feel as though I’m surfing one great big wave of synchronicity. I have found myself being delivered to the right people, at precisely the right time so that I can either learn or let go more deeply or both. Have you…

Are you a Self-Leader or a Prisoner?

Hi there my friend, I hope you’ve had a good start to your week. I’ve been back in the UK for a few days now and am currently at my online Mentor Claire Jarrett’s house near Bristol, where we in her Mastermind are re-structuring our businesses, troubleshooting our strategies and learning new marketing tools over 2 days….

Big News from L.A!

Hi there beautiful you, Boy have I got news for YOU! BIG NEWS. Life changing news. Where do I even BEGIN? As an introvert [yes it’s true!] it’s taken me a couple of days to process my experience at the Evercoach Summit. My intention was to write to you every day from L.A to report on my…

Attract your Ideal Clients from the Inside-Out

Lately, lots of people have shared with me that they feel defeated and deflated by the fact that so many of the clients they work with are not fully committed to their own growth. They feel as though they are working harder than their clients on getting them the results they are wishing for. They may…

Why I invest in myself

Hello my friend, Hope you are having a good start to your week! The other day I shared with you that the moment we TRULY start creating our business from a place of LOVE rather than FEAR, everything changes. (You can read the message here, if you missed it). Because creating from Love means of course creating…

Are you creating your business from Love?

As we know, we choose either fear or love in any given moment of our lives. Creating a truly purpose-driven business means creating it from love. When we create from fear we will work with people who don’t light us up, we will be worried what others might think and we will compare ourselves with others or try to adapt to how we think we ‘should’ be as a coach, healer or wellbeing facilitator. Creating from love means saying YES to your truth and your joy. 

I am off to L.A!

I’ve got exciting news to share – I’m off to L.A! Yes. For REAL. The other day I wrote to you saying how committed I am to investing in myself. Because investing in myself means looking after me, but it also means investing in YOU. Yes, every time we invest in ourselves we also invest in our…

Are you behaving like an ideal client?

Today I wanted to check in with you some more about this whole business of attracting the clients we desire. I write about it in some length in the little e-book “The 5 reasons you are not attracting committed clients”. You can download it for FREE here if you haven’t got it already. In my little book I…

When taking action is taking time to be

As part of the Wish Tree Anniversary month, I am sharing with you what I have learnt about creating and running a purpose-driven business sustainably.

In this post I share my belief in the notion that for our purpose-driven business to come into fruition we have to embrace both the yin and the yang energies within us – equally. The still, holding, reflecting part of us, as well as movement, focus and action-taking.

Making space to be with is a practise, a life-giving skill that we can’t live without if we are to create and deliver our service sustainably and with integrity. 


There are no shortcuts

It’s easy to look at all the shiny online companies and think – gosh – they’ve really made it. And in such a short space of time. How on earth did they do that?Success is not what happens over night even if it may look like that at first glance.
Success is the result of what we’ve worked patiently and consistently at over time.
The message of this post is that there are no short-cuts in business.