More questions than answers

As you quite possibly already know, I help people, just like you, to step into their light and allow themselves to be seen through the creative process of designing and delivering their Signature Transformational Workshop. A beautiful, empowering Signature Transformational Workshop from which to launch or up-level their Coaching or Wellbeing business with EASE. This work…

Are you in love with your work?

February is here and as Valentine’s day is approaching there is a flurry of articles flying around about Love. Of course, Love starts with Self-Love. We can only truly love someone or something unconditionally to the extent we love ourselves unconditionally. And when we love ourselves unconditionally we realise just how abundant we are, and…

What is it costing you to stay put?

Hi my friend! How has your week been so far? I’ll share with you how mine was: I’ve had lots of time off seeing loved ones! I’ve been on a flight and trains. I’ve also coached ideal clients, I’ve celebrated a 1- year anniversary of the Wish Tree Academy, I’ve created a new free report to share with you…

Shine your light in 2017 and give back to the world

Supporting the world starts with supporting ourselves. Compassion for others is in direct proportion to the compassion we hold for ourselves.  What if this festive season, you could allow yourself the gift of stepping into your most abundant life and in the process help some of the world’s most vulnerable children? All of this is possible with the incredible Complete Life & Business Charity Bundle – offered to you in the next 72 hours for a fraction of it’s value.

What will your 2017 look like?

We are only a couple of weeks away from the start of the New year and like many of us, I am sure you are longing for 2017 to be a little more focused, a little more meaningful and a little more supported than previous years. Am I right? The truth is, a sustainable, purpose-driven…

Why Gratitude is Key to Your Success

I attract Abundance, because I am Abundant   When things aren’t going our way, it is easy to feel as though we are a victim of our circumstances. We may start feeling as though WE are not enough because we don’t seem to have enough or do well enough. We start feeling like outsiders, disconnected…

The World Needs You

I’m sure you’d agree that we live in turbulent times. In communities across the Globe, people are feeling fearful and disempowered, angry, apathetic, depressed. 

If you are someone who has a longing deep inside to serve humanity in a bigger, bolder and more authentic way – now is your time! The World Needs you – more than ever before in your lifetime.

Why Making Space for Creativity Matters

Creativity is an essential part of running a successful, purpose-driven business.

But in order to be creative we have to cultivate it, and make sure we have spaces in which to spend time being creative. This week my big question is: what roles does creativity play in your life? 

Are you allowing yourself to be Supported?

You are not meant to figure it out all by yourself.
You are meant to be supported. Yes. Supported. Connected.
Part of, not separate. When we feel supported we are able to relax.
When we relax, we allow ourselves to open up, to soften, and a clearing is created from which we can be creative and take focused action.
When we are supported, life flows with more ease, including our businesses. Allowing ourselves to be supported is key to a thriving business.

Let Peace begin with you

Peace begins with each and every one of us.
It’s really so simple (in theory!): Peace inside = Peace on Earth.
When we actively decide to release everything that no longer serves us on our path, we engage in one of the greatest forms of Peace Activism. 

Peace means freedom, and freedom in turn means we are able to focus our energy on what truly matters to us.

So today, I am inviting you to take a moment, just like I will, to connect with your heart. Connect with your heart and reflect or meditate on: 

What or who in my life do I need to let go of, once and for all, so that Peace can truly begin with me?