What is the state of your internal garden?

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Today is SUCH a special day – because today, people en masse, many of whom may not be Earth conscious in their day-to-day-life, are reminded to tune into our precious planet and learn about what we can do to live our lives in harmony with Her.

I believe that apart from using less plastic, recycling, using our cars less, planting trees, choosing organic produce, eating less meat, choosing cleaning products that are not environmentally harmful, and buying products from sustainable companies, we can also cultivate a practise of spending a little time every day to ground ourselves and feel the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth, and letting her know that we are listening.

In the era of the patriarchy, we have been taking, taking, taking from her, discounting that she is our one and only home in this vast, limitless Universe. We come from her and we return to her when our bodies shrivel and die. She is all we’ve got.

It’s time for humanity to heal our relationship with our Mother. And as we do, we also embrace the Divine Feminine inside of us.

This weekend, I have been connecting with Mother Earth by spending time in my garden, doing A LOT of weeding. There were simply layers and layers of old leaves, overgrown walls, dead plants and moss – everywhere! It was time for a good old spring tidy.

It took some focus, effort, and patience to clear it all, so we could finally see the beautiful fertile soil that had been hidden, deep beneath the debris.

As I was digging, cutting, raking, sweeping, I came to think about the process we as humans go through, as we clear away the limiting beliefs, mindsets, resentments and grief that get in the way of our own internal fertile soil, the place of pure potentiality that lives inside of us.

If we are committed to living our breathtaking life – our vibrant, rich, colourful, thriving and blossoming, life – we must also commit to weeding our internal garden.

We simply cannot sow any of the seeds that are our heart’s longings, if the fertile soil is covered up with old leaves, moss, and fallen branches! And the sun, the bright light of the Universe, cannot get through to help those seeds grow. 

The state of our internal garden matches perfectly what we manifest on the outside. [Listen to the little video where I talk about this]

So today, in honour of Earth Day, I am going to invite us all to sit with:

1. What is the state of my internal garden? What old dead materials that no longer serve me, is covering up the fertile soil that already lives inside me?

2. What are the seeds that I want to plant in my internal garden?

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With my Love and commitment to your heart-led journey,

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Emily is a life-coach, creative consultant and workshop leader with experience of living and working across different countries and cultures. She helps people and organisations to develop helpful ways of being and relating by connecting them with what truly matters to them, asking powerful questions and challenging the status quo.

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