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Wish Trees are special places where people, throughout the ages, have come to voice their inner longings and made offerings to nature- the great spirit- to the universe- in the hope that their wishes will come true. Even if we don’t believe that an external force will grant us our wishes, the process of taking the time to articulate something that may previously only have lived (hidden) inside, may for some be the first step in trying to move towards it.

Wish Trees are found in many different cultures around the world and although the specific rituals differ from one country to the next, what all Wish Trees have in common is that of being places where people reconnect with their inner truths- what truly matters to them. Modern wish trees often have paper tags with wishes and reflections written on them hanging from their branches.

Wish Trees can feel like magical places as they allow us to step out from the busyness of our lives and into a space where all that matters are the whispers of our hearts. Seeing the wishes of other people floating in the wind connect us to our common humanity: we may seem different on the outside – but we all- as human beings- share very similar wishes and hopes for our lives and the world.

Japanese artist and wife of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, have used Wish Trees in her art for over 30 years. A tree native to a site is planted under her direction and people are invited to tie a written wish to the tree. Yoko Ono’s installations have been found in many places around North & South America, Australia and Europe. The wishes are collected and buried at the base of the Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island in Kollafjörður Bay in Iceland. To date over 1 million wishes have been buried beneath the tower. The Imagine Peace Tower is a beacon of light, symbolising the wish for world peace. It is there to give encouragement, inspiration and a sense of solidarity in a world filled with fear and confusion.  “Let us come together to realise a peaceful world” says Yoko Ono.

Love is our energy

Wisdom is our power

It’s time to shed light to all corners of the world

Enjoy the trip we make together

I use Wish Trees both metaphorically and sometimes literally in my work. In order to flourish, like a tree, we must be fully connected with our foundation –our roots: what truly matters. In order to spread our branches and expand forwards or upwards, we need to connect with our sunshine: our dreams, wishes, and hopes. And we need to learn to withstand the storms, chills and droughts of our lives.

I believe that our journey towards a more peaceful world starts with enabling ourselves to live more authentically and mindfully – grounded and open to all that life gives us and can offer.

The Wish Tree has many gifts to offer us on this adventure.

Emily is a life-coach, creative consultant and workshop leader with experience of living and working across different countries and cultures. She helps people and organisations to develop helpful ways of being and relating by connecting them with what truly matters to them, asking powerful questions and challenging the status quo.

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Fran Faraz

Reading about Wish Tree training and the foundation of it, gave me such inspiration. I was automatically drawn to it with openness. If just reading it and feeling the sincere energy behind it shifted me instantly like this, I’m curious and interested to find out about this work. I’m sure it’s so valuable. Glad to see work like this is being done in the world.


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