The Power of Vulnerability

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The Power of Vulnerability is a talk which has had a huge impact on me personally and professionally. It is one of the most popular TED talks of all times and marked the start of Brené’s Wholehearted Revolution – helping people to live lives with a deep sense of worthiness. Brené has studied shame for over a decade and shares her insights into how our longing for love and belonging and our fears of not being good enough (smart enough, thin enough, cool enough, successful enough etc.) and our fear of rejection build walls between us – in organisations, in homes and in societies. In order for connection to take place we have to allow ourselves to be seen.  Brené explains how the only difference between people who have a strong sense of worthiness and those who don’t is that those who have it- believe it. If we allow ourselves to dare greatly as people, professionals, parents and leaders, vulnerability will show us that it is the key to connection, to joy and to creativity. A must-see for anyone!

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