“I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky”


Wish Tree’s Academy helps you as a Spiritual Coach, Wellbeing Facilitator or Light Worker to know and embrace your Purpose and create a solid foundation for your heart-led business.

The Wish Tree Academy helps you to shine your Light. Bigger and brighter than ever before.

Shining brighter means stepping into our Authentic Leadership and allowing ourselves to been seen, so we can evoke transformation on a larger scale.

In order to be and do that, we need to let go of our resistance, fear of not being enough, so we can connect with our purpose and be who we truly are.


Emily, this has been an amazing journey for me…I am sooooo glad I found you. I have a big smile on my face and a heart full of love and gratitude for you. You have created such an amazing platform for women and I am so very humbled and inspired by everyone I’ve met here! Beautiful, amazing women finding their light ! Wow! Thank you Thank You Thank you !                                    Khairun

“Creative, authentic, grounded”

“It’s unprecedented in so many ways”

The Academy offers two Transformational Programmes: The Workshop Blueprint Programme, and the Wish Tree Academy Business Fundamentals Mastermind to support both your inner work, and the practical manifestation of your Heart-led Business.

The Academy’s Workshop Blueprint Programme is a vessel for healing and personal transformation.

The programme helps you to get crystal clear on your:

  • Life Purpose
  • Ideal Client
  • Message
  • Story
  • Impact
  • Leadership

Along the way, you also learn how to design and deliver Signature Transformational Workshops so that you can reach and impact on more people and launch or grow your business sustainably. Your Signature Transformational Workshop is created from the inside-out, in alignment with purpose, message, the needs of your ideal clients and your own stories of transformation, and is at the heart of your business.

I have got my ideal client which is such a relief! I can really target them through marketing and as a healer it feels much safer for both clients and myself. My first Signature workshop was sold out within a week of advertising it”       Nicola

I feel deep in my heart and Soul that it wasn’t just a workshop I came here to create, but that it was more to do with me transforming from living a limited life to fully embracing my messiness. Emily Johnsson I am totally lost for words over how I could ever thank you enough for creating this transformation within me. Your love and guidance over the last few months has taught me how to truly live my Life Purpose and not just dream about it! I felt I was running out of time before you came into my life and now I truly believe that my time is LIMITLESS! Thank you for awakening me from my Great Forgetting. Love always, can’t wait to see where you take me next! xx Maureen p.s. I have 10 people paid up & booked onto my first ever Signature Transformational Workshop and it’s not even advertised yet!                                                                          Maureen

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It has been SO much more that the creating of a workshop, the things I learnt and am still learning with Emily have become the underpinning/grounding for the energy, vision, intention and creation of my entire business. Clarity, creativity, inspiration and support are the words that most resonate with me when I think of what this journey with Emily has, and is giving me.TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL                                                                                                     Cora

Truly grateful to your life path, that brought you to this place where you are providing such a high quality mix of the creative, academic, and heart based transformational work. The perfect combo – which is unique in my experience.


This programme feels like a very strong basis for a business. In a world of a lot of noise in the coaching/ transformation and online world this programme is authentic, and real.

 I’m very confident in my Life Purpose now and I know where I want to take my ideal clients in this world. I have built a solid foundation with Emily to move forward in my life/business.                                                           Noreen

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Drawing on my own journey of crafting and delivering high-impact creative workshops to an international audience for over 10 years, and helping organisations to do the same – I feel passionate about enabling you to experience the joy of connecting deeply with your clients through Signature Transformational Workshops. It will change your life forever.

I had no idea of how deep and authentic we would be going on this course, I was absolutely blown away by the shifts and clarity I got around, not just my business vision, but who I am in the world and my AUTHENTIC message and value to the world. I got clear, inspired and purposeful in a way that I had not at all expected. Instead of JUST A NEW WORKSHOP, I truly found MY voice, MY expression in the world, and that has been a catalyst for lots of fantastic products and services, ALL completely aligned to who I am, and my purest intentions. My ideal client is absolutely crystal clear because of this wonderful journey, and that has allowed me to create clearly and authentically. My business, my life, my vision, has been truly transformed because of this programme.

It is nice to have a space where you can honestly express the truth of what happens. I have probably been more authentic here and I have never met any of you in person and yet people I have known for years we never talk like we do.

Absolutely incredible. X Kelly


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Apart from a decade of hands-on facilitation experience, training in Co-Active Coaching and NLP, I have a background in formal and informal learning research and the qualifications MRes in Education and Social Sciences Research, BSc in Science Communication and PCERT in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring – all combined ensuring that your learning journey is second to none.



The fine detail in feedback from the design process was brilliant, and gave me even more confidence in the process itself, because your experience and knowledge of how this all works best was evident.

Going through the design process allows me to feel aligned with the stepping out as me. A balance between academic thoughtful work, and going deep into my own process, gives me confidence that I am moving forward with integrity. When I started the programme I was in a space of experimenting – and now I feel that I am able to put one foot in front of the other with a clear idea of why I am doing that, and how to!

Taking action, and designing the workshop were the best things. So many other courses and things of this nature, can be in theory – I loved the progress I was making – it is an wonderful feeling to know that I am coming away from the course with an actual workshop!

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The Wish Tree Academy Business Fundamentals Mastermind supports you as a Coach or Wellbeing facilitator to launch or grow your Heart-led Business sustainably.

The Wish Tree Academy Mastermind Programme enables you to:

  • Develop a clear vision, strategy and action plans for your Dream Business
  • Design truly amazing tailored Coaching or Wellbeing Programmes & offers for your Ideal Clients
  • Refine your online brand & learn how to communicate with your Ideal Client
  • Design the products that your Ideal Clients will love and which will support their transformation further
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of building a sustainable heart-led business
  • Feel confident in growing your business sustainably
  • Grow as an Authentic Leader
  • Be part of a warm, creative and energising community of Inspiring Authentic Transformational Leaders which will support your on-going personal and professional development

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I can’t believe in less than 9 months from when I joined the Workshop Blueprint, I am now extremely close to being 100% self-employed and running my heart-led business.

Emily – you really are a miracle worker! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you, the Blueprint programme and this amazing community. Thank you thank you!!! So excited (and a little scared!) about my next chapter!!! 

I’m moved to tears too, looking back at the girl that filled in that form and connected with you on the first call! I can’t believe I’ve run lots of workshops, and have Coaching programme and 9 clients! I’m in utter gratitude you Emily Johnsson you have literally helped me to grow into the woman i am today, fully living my truth, being brave and facing my limiting beliefs and blocks. I could not have done any of this without. Thank you! Looking forward to amazing exciting year ahead and I know you will shine even brighter lighting up so many more souls as you have mine. Much love xxx Anita