The most important freedom is to be who you are

             JIM MORRISON

I coach people who want to shine brighter and live their purpose in this lifetime.

When people ask me what it means to Live our Purpose my response is always the same:

Our purpose is to be who we truly are.

The you that isn’t pleasing, perfecting, performing, pretending, adapting, rescuing in order to feel a sense of self-worth, or in order to fit in, to feel a sense of belonging, acceptance or meaning.

The you that will say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no. The you that will allow yourself to receive in equal measure to how much you give. The you that nourishes yourself instead of driving yourself to overwhelm or depletion. The you that lives from joy rather than confusion and a feeling that there is more to life.

When we hide who we truly are, we dim our light. We live from a place of fear and scarcity. We believe that we are not enough.

If we are feeling unworthy of wonderful things we may not dare not wish for them, let alone go out into the world and manifest them. We simply don’t believe that those things are for people like us.

If our past is holding us back we can’t successfully move forward with our lives and experience the present or the future fully.


The life of not enough is exhausting. And frustrating.

Believe me – I know!

In what I call my Old Life, I made pleasing for peace an artform. I believed that it was only when everyone else’s needs had been taken care of that I, myself deserved to feel peaceful.


I used most addictions under the sun (including working every waking hour, partying hard, co-dependency, rushing, always being busy, over-eating, under-eating, smoking, blaming, anger) to numb my pain and fear of not being enough, lovable just as I am.  [You can read more about what stopped me in my tracks here.]

I searched for love and belonging on the outside, whilst I cared little for myself.

There were times when I even loathed myself.

In this mindset, I thought my only way out was to justify my existence through worthy causes. It came to be a life where I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was a rescuer running from an unhealed drama inside of me. Fixing the world to fix what felt broken inside.

It made me ill in so many ways.

Perhaps you have a similar story.

When we belong to ourselves we are our true selves. 

We know that our needs are as important as other people’s needs. We know that we are imperfect and yet, we know, with absolute certainty that we are enough.

We can’t give what we don’t have.

If we want to give the love we have to be the love!

When we know that we are enough we shine our brightest and make the greatest impact in the world. I believe we make our finest contribution to humanity from a place of knowing the truth of who we are: Love.

The journey of living our purpose starts with knowing that we are enough.

It’s a journey of loving ourselves back to Love so we can show our glow.

And it’s not for the fainthearted.

The moment we say YES to living our purpose, is the moment we say YES to looking at the Mess. Looking at all the stuff that gets in the way, and letting it go.


[Read more about how when we say yes to the Light we say yes to the Mess here]


It’s the moment we say yes to healing our past that we say farewell to scarcity and we clear the path to abundance and being fully present in all of our nows. It means we can leave this planet one day with peace in our hearts knowing that we showed up real, with nothing unsaid and undone that our heart longed for.

Saying YES to living our purpose therefore means saying YES to a better death.

A better death is a better life.

And in every new moment we have the opportunity to make a fresh choice.

A new path.

Your true path of shining.

I believe that if you are here and reading this, it’s your time to shine.


Allow yourself to be supported as you say yes to embracing your purpose. 

Many people think of coaching as a process of goal setting and goal getting. And while this might be the focus for many coaching practices, what I offer as an Intuitive Transformational Coach is different.

If how to live our purpose is about Loving ourselves back to Love then what we are really doing is healing ourselves. At the heart of how I work as a coach is to be a Healer. I work with my Intuition and the vibration of Archangel Raphael.

You will experience a deep sensation of feeling seen, heard and felt empathetically, enveloped in unconditional love.

It’s a place from which you can start to believe that great and even extraordinary things are possible for you!

The deeper you are willing to go, the more easily we will be able to clear what no longer serves you and tune into the special role that being you – here – now – plays in the great tapestry of life.


Working together, Loving yourself back to Love, you will:

  • Feel a stronger sense of connection to your Higher Self – your inner compass
  • Begin to accept and love yourself more
  • Work on your belief about deserving a wonderful life experience
  • Begin to move from a scarcity to an abundance mindset
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Own your story
  • Know what a life in alignment with your values – what truly matters to you – looks like
  • Belong to you first
  • Move from working with a worthy cause, or a job that simply pays the bills, to feeling worthy of living your purpose
  • Feeling open to embracing your Soul’s purpose
  • Feel more whole, peaceful and joyful
  • Feel ready to take the next step on your journey of manifesting your Soul’s purpose and shining brighter

The ripples of self-love are tremendous and far-reaching. When we know we are enough we can manifest what truly matters – our whole lives get to have an extreme make-over.

Expect the unexpected.

Our coaching relationship is one of equality: we both lean in, show up and communicate honestly and courageously. Confidentiality is naturally the foundation for our work together. [Learn more about the tools and values of my Coaching Practise]

I am currently developing the Love yourself back to Love Coaching Programme.

This programme is perfect for you if you are someone who wants to step out and make a bigger difference as a Wellbeing facilitator, Coach, Lightworker, Healer but you are feeling held back by limiting beliefs, the past, or a general feeling of being stuck or foggy about what’s next. It’s the ideal preparation if you want to apply for the  Wish Tree Academy  where we work together to create your dream, purpose-driven business making a bigger, bolder difference in this world. Take a look at what happens in the Academy here

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Emily has encouraged and has given me the confidence to be ME


 I had my WOW moment. I just thought it was never going to come. I am LOVE. And that is just how I feel – like a huge ball of LOVE.


I learned more in that conversation in one hour than any therapy that I’ve had for over 20 years. For the first time in my 62 years I started to understand myself and to finally “get” what I was here for… and to do.


You have been my greatest gift this year.
Whatever lies ahead this next year I will always always look upon this year as my greatest learning, my greatest connection, my greatest decision and my greatest moments of love. May light and love be eternally flowing towards you. A more beautiful soul I have never had the grace or good fortune of encountering than yours. I am forever grateful and will hold you in my heart always.

Emily Johnsson | Wish TreeI am trained in the Co-Active Coaching model with the rigorous Coaches Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching for Leadership from the Institute of Education, University of London and am a licensed NLP Practitioner. I have 10+ years experience of developing people and organisations through asking powerful questions, motivating people to challenge the status quo and move towards new ways of being and relating. My background is in learning research and I hold a Master’s degree in Education and Social Sciences Research from King’s College London, and a BSc in Science Communication from UCL. I receive regular coaching and mentoring myself by other coaches.

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