Workshops provide a clearing in our daily lives to stop, reflect, feel, think and be playful and creative.

One of my greatest joys is to deliver workshops for personal and business transformation. There is so much beautiful growth that happens in a safely boundaried face-to-face community of learners – the stuff that true connection is made of – which an online space can never replace.

Workshops, when facilitated well, provide a place for depth and richness in the human experience; take vulnerability, story, emotion, courage, stillness, movement, wisdom, exploration, expression, knowledge, clarity, collective and individual shifting, and so much more!

The thing that struck me the most was her ability to create an energy in the room which meant we felt safe to be vulnerable and there was a real connection between us all, in fact real friendships were formed. I’ve been to workshops before and they don’t always have the magic. This one did.


I have had the privilege of delivering workshops with people across different backgrounds, cultures, languages and countries for over a decade, mostly on the themes of purpose, passion, curiosity, reflection and resilience.

My workshops are always engaging and often immersive, I ensure that as many learning styles are reflected and that there is time and space to dig deep and allow the shifts that are wanting to happen, happen.

The more time we have, the deeper the transformation.

The workshop was an absolutely fantastic, life-changing experience! I was really amazed how much we can learn about ourselves in a safe, trustful space such as the one facilitated in this workshop. Emily is absolutely amazing, a gentle guide that accompanies you through this journey of self-discovery, with all the sensitivity, professionalism and creativity she owns. All of this looked to me like a little peaceful miracle blossoming in my very stormy busy life.


My current workshops include:

  • How to be a successful Heart-led Business Owner – 4 key principles to make a bigger impact and live your purpose with grace and ease (Bookable for events and organisations)
  • Creating Foundations for Heart-led Entrepreneurs (Bookable for organisations)
  • Authentic Leadership in Action (Available through the Wish Tree Academy Mastermind, Bookable for Events)
  • Dream big – Design your business – Craft a plan (Available through the Wish Tree Academy Mastermind)

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Past workshops include:

Emily is a very passionate, warm, and dedicated person, and at the same time very knowledgeable and experienced within her field. Add to that her high degree of professionalism that is shown by her careful preparation of every detail, her brilliant skills as a coach, and her charismatic presence as a speaker, and you have the perfect conductor of workshops. Emily has the rare talent of combining all these skills with a genuine interest in all the participants. Which ensures that the participants not only listen but also take the content to heart.

Dr Hans-Henrik Appel

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