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What is the state of your internal garden?

It’s Earth Day! Time to tune into, honour, listen to, give thanks to our home, our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia. Today is about honouring that we are from her and that she is all we’ve got. Today is about healing our relationship with her. And as we do, we set into our Divine Feminine and the place of pure potentiality inside us. What is the state of your internal garden? Is it full of old dead leaves, fallen branches, and moss covering the fertile ground that lives inside you? Or have you prepared the ground well, so that you can sow the seeds of your abundant life with ease? 

About Wish Trees

About Wish Trees

Wish Trees are special spaces where we are invited to step outside of our busy lives to connect with what truly matters to us, articulate it and offer it to the world. As we see the wishes of other people floating in the breeze of the crown of tree, we are reminded of our common humanity. 

The purpose of all of Wish Tree’s work is to support Peace. Peace starts with ourselves. If we are not peaceful inside our hearts we don’t lead peaceful lives. That is why Wish Tree offers transformational coaching and workshops for individuals and organisations.