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A Wish Tree Forest for you

Trees are essential to human life, essential to ALL life on Planet Earth. Trees also show us how important it is for us to be grounded if we are to grow tall, how to be resilient and strong, how to be present. This year Wish Tree has planted trees and saved rainforest in honour of our collective evolution and flourishing.

Welcome to the Brand New Wish Tree!

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy bees behind the scenes. Streamlining our services further, broadening our use of technology and embracing teamwork means we are now very proud to be offering you something new and truly special.

The Power of Workshops

Thinking of offering your clients the opportunity to develop in a workshop setting? Carefully planned and facilitated workshops have the power to accelerate your clients’ growth by providing immersive, creative and connected learning environments that will take them and your coaching practise, to new heights.